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Are You Making These Deadly Mistakes in Your Twitter Marketing Campaign?

July 13, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Marketing

Scenario: You’ve done all you can think of to get followers – yet still not seeing the massive targeted traffic. Right? We’re pretty sure you’ve given this some thought, but you still haven’t figured it out, yet. You’re also probably aware that Twitter is an excellent vehicle for building great relationships with other business owners. We’ll cover some mistakes that you may be making in your marketing efforts there.

It’s a mistake to get overly personal with your followers. This is business, so they don’t need to hear very personal aspects of your life, and the possibility is strong that they don’t care to hear it. It’s a matter of time and priorities, they won’t read anything they have no interest in. They won’t be putting any effort to look into tweets that talk about how good your coffee was. If you always give them something that will potentially help them, then they’ll come to instantly recognize you and want to see what you have to say. You can train or condition them to have a natural interest in your thoughts and posts. Once you go through this process, you’ll see people will pay more attention to your posts, which usually results in higher traffic. Always, always avoid putting false or misleading information on your profile. Also, if you use a picture of your company or logo, it might make you look too dry and un-interesting. Very many users tend to avoid dealing with profiles without a pic of the person. In this instance, you may consider using a pen name.

The best approach on Twitter is light and casual. Twitter users like to keep their conversations lighthearted, fun and sociable. People come here to read posts that are interesting, maybe even exciting. Your boring, corporate way of tweeting won’t hold the users’ interest in any way. You need to tone down on the seriousness and spice up the content of your tweets. You have to be able to speak the language your followers understand if you want to reach them. When you can send out tweets that people like and enjoy, you will start to be a trusted member of this online community.

Twitter is a place to engage in socializing – so you naturally need to be sociable. Being a snob will get you nowhere very quickly there. Connect to people in your niche, talk to them in a casual, non-promotional manner. The best approach is to be a good listener, and then offer something in the way of information that can help them. What this is called is building a relationship, or making a positive connection with your market. The general saying about Twitter is non-marketing is the best way to market.

You should show people in your messages that you are someone that they can trust and who wants to be helpful. By providing real value, you won’t come across as a mere promoter who has no concern for anyone.

Grover Walter is a freelance contributor for For more articles by Grover, please visit these links: www forexmali and cavemanager

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