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Ambigram Tattoos

July 18, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Recreation and Sports

Ambigram tattoos are usually stylized text, typically carried out a calligraphic font, that spell a word or phrase if read one of the ways, and an additional term or phrase if viewed upside down or from a different angle. Shaped ambigram tattoos are styles which read the identical word proper way up and the other way up. Asymmetrical ambigram tattoos are styles which read another term or expression when seen the other way up.

A lot of tattoo websites suggest that ambigram tattoos are a current trend, nevertheless this is not true. Ambigram lettering was first employed actively in 1893 by American artist and author Peter Newell in his book ‘Topsys & Turvys’. In the end of this book the text ‘the end’ have been actually an asymmetrical ambigram which typed puzzle if read the other way up. There are types of several later publications that claim they also be the first ambigrams, however there are no earlier records compared to Peter Newell. Styles have changed with style, but the principal remains the same.

The recognition of ambigram tattoos over the last couple of years can be credited mostly to the writer Dan Brown and his awesome popular books ‘The Da Vinci Code’ and more notably ‘Angel and Demons’. The Illuminati, that is the title given to the trick society behind the newest world order, may be the primary fictional group in Dan Brown’s books which use ambigrams. The style of the ambigrams used in his dvd’s and books is a very old style calligraphy lettering which has turn out to be very well liked for the use in ambigram tattoos.

The most famous ambigram tattoos are one word opposites for example love and hate, angel and devil, life and death and saint and sinner. You’ll be able to do several word ambigrams if you’re smart. However, key phrases lengthier than two words are not really appropriate as ambigram tattoos because of the confined tattoo places on the human body. Apart from the usual cliche ambigrams, lots of people attempt to use unique words that have some type of particular meaning to themselves similar to their children’s names, their boyfriend or girlfriend’s names or a place name or nickname. As with all sorts of tattoos, it is not recommended to obtain a tattoo together with your boyfriend or girlfriend’s name, for obvious reasons.

There are several instances of celebrities with ambigram tattoos. Eva Longoria includes a shaped ambigram tattoo on the back of her neck that is of the word nine. During the time she had the tattoo done she had been married to Tony parker, an NBA basketball player in whose shirt number happens to be the number nine. The lead singer of Apocalyptica, previously of hard core rock band Fuel, Toryn Green, has ambigram tattoos on his forearms. Toryn has the words angel and saint on reverse arms. If viewed the other way up the words read as devil and sinner. Based on Toryn these contrasts are representative of a contemporary day rock star. Method Man has a common life and death tattoo under his forearm. Based on Method Man, this really is supposed to symbolize that he lives his life one way which is the precise opposite of how he is going to die.

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