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Advertising Blunders – Why You Require An Advertising Agency

July 8, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Health & Fitness

effectiveness and understanding of marketing and advertising is at an all-time high. Years of study and development have now created advertising and branding a vital part of any company. The success of these campaigns can be effortlessly tracked and great agencies essentially walk customers through the door and up to the pay point.

As good as things can get with advertising, it is just as straightforward to get points wrong. Depending on the mistake, the results can even turn out to be irreversible.

Now, several folks say any publicity is good publicity, but I certainly wouldn’t want to be responsible for the following advertising blunders:

&bull McDonalds – Learn the lingo

McDonald’s loves to keep up with the hip crowd, utilizing teenage slang and well-known sayings to promote their meals. 1 would assume that utilizing this technique means that they are involved with the youth and choosing up their terms at ground level. This was disproved with their “I’d hit it” campaign though. The flashing banner ad was made up of a young guy cheekily look to his left, a cheeseburger to the correct and the words: “Double Cheeseburger. I’d hit it. I’m a dollar menu guy”. As many would expect, outrage poured in. The reason: “I’d hit it” is a disrespectful slang term employed by mostly young men, which indicates I would have sex with that.

Windows – Test before bragging

Live on Tv, Microsoft attempted to wow the planet with the introduction of Windows 98. As a new device was plugged in to show the operating system’s ability to automatically set up drivers, the program crashed, giving the Blue Screen of Death. The room erupted into cheers and laughter while Bill Gates stood there with his hand on his chin just before saying: “I guess that’s why we aren’t shipping Windows 98 yet.”

Quiznos – Double fail

Quiznos Subs might offer delicious looking subs, but that thought is instantly spoilt when a singing hamster/rat with crazy eyes, a hat, and the voice of a 90 year old Mexican man who smokes 50 cigarettes a day comes on screen. A backlash from customers saw them ditch their freaky mascot, but Quiznos was not quite carried out. With the launch of their mighty sub, the Torpedo, an advert with sexual innuendo’s caused another stir. In what appears to be a hot conversation among a chef and his oven, the oven says: “put it in me Scott”, prior to showing off close-ups of the lengthy, meaty sub sliding into the wrapper.

CK – Creepy sx does not sell

Calvin Klein has always looked to push the envelope with their advertising campaigns, but they went too far with a disturbing series of ads shot in what looked like a paedophile’s basement. Young amateur models are asked to eliminate their tops and told issues like: “you have a fantastic body” and “you appear so good in those jeans”, by a creepy older man. Calvin Klein himself eventually produced a public apology right after the ads were pulled from airways.

Honda – Asimo’s stop, drop and roll

Honda’s renowned Asimo robot was attempting to show off his wonderful walking and climbing abilities in a live demonstration, but whilst calmly making his way up a small flight of steps and bragging about his balancing abilities, Asimo suddenly stopped, dropped, and rolled back down onto the stage. Workers pulled out some blinds and covered the damaged robot, hoping it would hide the embarrassment of this public error. It didn’t.

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