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About Golden Retrievers

July 9, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Pets

The Golden Retriever is not a large dog; they’re more medium sized than big and hardly ever grow to more than 60 cm (24 inches). The female of the breed is generally a little smaller and grow upto a height of bewteen 51 and 56cms which is about twenty to 22 inches in height. They have a tendency to appear a bit bigger than they actually are because of their hair. Even though it doesn’t stand up but lies close to the body, it nonetheless adds to the bulk of the dog.

The Golden retriever is very similar looking to the Labrador Retriever. This really is not because the Labrador has figured in its advancement. As far as can be surmised, the Labrador wasn’t even known in England when the Golden retriever was developed. They however reveal comparable ancestry within the St Johns water dog which may be one reason why they appear so alike.

They do have their own differences. Aside from the longer coat and coloring, the Golden retriever is on average slightly smaller sized when compared to the Lab. The Golden Retrievers only appear bigger simply because they have much more hair, they’re actually very skinny and weigh only in between 30 and 35 kgs, a normal Labrador will have a tendency to weigh much more. Golden Retrievers are very energetic dogs, they’re quicker and have much more stamina when in comparison to Labradors.

In temperament as well the Golden retriever is slightly different. It is more active when compared to the Lab and thus demands more exercise. These dogs were bred to be retrievers of game, sitting around for long hrs whilst the hunter does his task, that is why you will discover that these dogs exhibit a lot of patience. Apart from this they are very comparable in disposition to the Lab and are extremely kind and gentle. In fact they are extremely non aggressive dogs and finding one that is, is extremely very challenging. Although they’re exceptionally intelligent dogs, they’re extremely obedinet as well.

Their only disadvantage is the quantity of hair they shed every day, other than that they make fantastic pets for just about any kind of home. Although the Lab too does this, its hair is smaller sized and it is consequently much more manageable.

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