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A New Look At How To Be A Gifted Psychic

July 12, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Education

For many in our society, psychic powers as a concept is mysterious and often scary. Again there are others who find the topic quite interesting and some even wonder whether they can develop such powers themselves.

One the greatest psychic on this planet was Nostradamus who had the psychic power of precognition. Thus, he could see into the future and accurately predict what is to come later on.

Then there are the retro-cognitive others who have the reverse ability, that is they can look into the past and know information that others never picked up. In any case, psychics have the ability to look into the depths of the human mind.

The third kind of psychic power is that of being able to communicate with the departed souls. It is one power that most people are in awe of and infact, this was the basis on which the extremely popular TV Show starring John Edwards was aired.

Clairvoyance refers to being able to see clearly. Hence, many a times, psychics are commonly called clairvoyants since they are known to have the power of the second sight.

Many a times history has witnessed the role of the psychics as decision makers to the kings and queens. However psychics not always shared the centre stage if their predictions were not satisfactory to the kings. In ancient Egypt the psychics had to face severe consequences if they predicted wrongly or did any miscalculation in providing a decision to the kings.

Today psychics offer their services to tell help people better understand their own lives. They help people to find the right careers, the right lovers and to make the right choices.

In most human the psychic abilities are inborn and they carry it with them from birth. But there are a few who have grown the abilities by practicing certain techniques which help to grow these powers within.

The growing of the psychic abilities is not so easy or it will not occur in a short span of time. We need total focus and desire to learn. We need to meditate a lot to help us do this. Meditation is an important part of the learning process.

One becomes a psychic when he can successfully synchronizes, or be in tune with his subconscious mind. Thus, only when you remove all negativity from your life can you become a psychic. It essentially involves just training your mind to think positive all the time and to let go of elements such as fear, anger, stress and pain in the process. On the hindsight it might also involve letting go of someone you love who otherwise brings in negativity into your existence.

If you want to develop your psychic abilities ever in your life, starting to meditate regularly is the best idea that there is. Apart from being physically rewarding, it also effectively trains you mind to release all negativity so as to enable journeying deeper into one’s subconscious for knowing one’s own psyche.

It is something you will eventually have to do if you decide to psychic abilities abilities on any level, so why not begin now?

There are no definite rules to follow while we are meditating. It is our own determination and zeal to reach our goal that can help us in meditating properly.

Practice and focus are the keys to meditating perfectly and hence we should keep some amount of time to mediate everyday and so with practice we will improve.

Freeing one’s mind is a difficult task and even people who have been practicing for many years, struggle in order to enter that deep meditative mental state. One needs to give himself time to get there gradually.

We should not try to meditate while our mind is clouded by negative thoughts and should find the perfect time for meditation when our mind is calm and composed.

Find somewhere truly relaxing and peaceful; somewhere you associate with good thoughts. This may be outside surrounded by nature for some people, while others prefer the peace and quiet of their own home.

One should not entertain any thoughts in their minds while meditation, and this is perhaps the most difficult thing to do as the mind is otherwise a repertoire of countless thoughts at all points in time.

You want to concentrate on your senses and take those deep breaths, pushing away all thoughts. If there is a sound you hear (even the sound of silence works) or smell something in particular, you can focus in on that sense alone.

Once you have achieved your perfect meditative state you may notice that you become more aware and empathetic to those around you. When you begin to notice this, you will how that you are beginning to develop your psychic powers.

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