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A Different Look With Missing Teeth

July 1, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Health & Fitness

Patients increased their biting force to about 85% after 2 months of having implanted supported replacement teeth based on studies. With regard to the average chewing force, it is able to increase by 300% compared to before implant treatment within 3 years. Overall, the chewing ability of patients with implant supported teeth is roughly equal to patients with healthy, natural teeth, and vastly superior to patients with conventional dentures.

When it comes to missing teeth, wrinkling and premature aging are attributed to it. For the body not to dissolve it, the bone surrounding the teeth should be stimulated from within. What may be needed by the dentures or partials is repeated realignment not to mention being remade. Other things this can contribute to are creases and wrinkles in the face.

The face looks like it is frowning when at rest because the corners of the mouth pull down and form creases. The chin also comes to a point much like that of a witch. As jowls form, the face starts to look unnatural. It is possible for the tongue to be enlarged as missing teeth place increased pressure on it.

There are physical and psychological effects from dentures to a person’s health. Partial dentures cause bone loss too! At the end of 5 years, only 40% of partial denture wearers are still wearing the same partial denture made for them. Resulting from this is continuous bone loss.

Do not hold on to diseased teeth too long just to save your teeth while destroying your jaw bones. Other than losing your teeth, you can also lose the remaining bone considering gum disease or periodontal disease.

Based from one study, a 93% success rate over the last ten years applies to the subperiosteal implant and one other firm provided scientific results with rates between 94% and 98%. Considered in this case was implant treatment for lower jaws with all missing teeth. Considering how the lower denture is the most problematic, this is good news.

Regardless of whether or not success can be guaranteed, success rates are high. Either for a single or multiple missing teeth, dental implants can be used. Nowadays, it is possible to replace everything from a single tooth to several teeth to a section of the jaw and even entire arches of teeth. You may have undergone the state of advanced gum disease with its loose and uncomfortable infected teeth but with dental implants you can get a full set of permanent teeth.

In getting an implant or a combination of implant types, there is no difficulty. One jaw can have several types of implants and people normally have varying dental reconstruction needs. With regard to varying problems, there are different types of implants available. The ability to utilize multiple implant techniques is an essential ingredient to the successful use of implants. When it comes to implant selection, you should consider function, appearance, comfort, and inconvenience.

As indicated by studies, increasing their biting force to 85% were patients after 2 months of having implanted supported replacement teeth. After 3 years the average chewing force increased by 300% compared to before implant treatment. When it comes to chewing ability, this is the same for those with healthy natural teeth and patients with implant supported teeth but the latter has a superior ability when compared to those with conventional dentures.

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