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A Comparison Between Custom Made Candles & Factory Made Candles

May 10, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Internet Business

There are two types of candle companies. There is the factory candle company and the custom made candle company.

Factory made candles are the type of candles that most of the world knows. You can go to a number of candle shops and walk out with a candle. Usually, these stores sell almost exclusively paraffin candles and more specifically, container or jar candles.

Only very few people who truly love candles or people who have very specific needs will buy candles from custom made candle shops. The main difference between custom made candle companies and factory candle companies is that the smaller custom companies usually don’t carry an inventory, but instead make the candles per order.

The good and the bad of factory made candles.

The main positive aspect of buying factory made candles as opposed to buying custom made candles is the fact that there’s no waiting involved. You walk into a candle shop and you walk out with a candle. Candles are available in so many places including the vast majority of department store and other boutiques.

Although factory made candles are convenient, there are some disadvantages. The biggest disadvantage is simply the lack of diversity. When you walk into a major candle store, usually you see 90% jar candles of various scents and colors. There may be a rack of votives and then some air diffusers, but usually there’s not much more than that.

Another disadvantage is factory made candles don’t generally provide a green alternative for the environmentally conscious people out there. You’d be hard pressed to find soy pillar candles and most of the soy jar candles have artificial fragrance in them. Finding all natural candles in a candle shop can be next to impossible.

Pros & cons of custom made candles.

Although this article is meant to point out the advantages of custom made candles, there is one significant disadvantage and that is time. You can wait up to 3 weeks sometimes to receive your custom candles after you’ve ordered them. As opposed to a candle or department store where you can just walk in and walk out with a candle, there is usually a wait when ordering custom made candles.

Now we can talk about the advantages of custom made candles. Of course the main advantage here is that you have many, many options from which to choose. This may require some shopping around since every company is different, but chances are you will be able to find exactly what you’re looking for no matter how obscure the candle might be. Some companies even let you choose the type of candle, size, color, wax, fragrance, layers and more.

One pro that most people don’t think about is the quality of the candle itself. Almost always, custom made candles are made from higher quality materials. More time and attention is put into making them. The candles go through rigorous testing to make sure they burn properly. The reason for this is competition. While there are only a few companies at the time with most of the market share, a whole slew of small businesses are competing for a very small percentage.

Another positive aspect of purchasing your candles from smaller companies is many of these companies off all natural candles which are a greener alternative to paraffin factory made candles. Some natural waxes include soy wax, beeswax, palm wax and bayberry wax. You can also buy aromatherapy candles that are made with essential oils.

When all is said and done, if you want instant gratification, you can buy factory made candles just about anywhere. But if you want a beautiful, high quality candle, shop for custom made candles.

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