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4 Myths Regarding Aluminum Laptop Cases Debunked

July 8, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Hardware

People used to fear that aluminum had bad health effects. With modern research and detailed information, it was discovered that a majority of the so-called myths were nothing more than hot air that had absolutely no foundation to stand on. With more and more people craving products that are versatile and unique, the use of aluminum has plummeted in different industries and thousands are seeing that it is practically impossible to live without it. Aluminum cases are designed for business use and ease of travel. Still, some myths exist about aluminum cases.

Myth #1 – Aluminum Cases are Out of Style

When people think of aluminum they see a gray material with absolutely no form drenched in a lifeless and unappealing color. However, modern technology has taken products such as aluminum laptop cases and allowed them to bask in the fame of other classy products without lacking not even an inch of detail to be considered a prestigious trophy to have. The somewhat unappealing color is transformed with the powder-coated finish to give it more than just the gray color that so many people associate with aluminum. The curves and contours that have gone into its design have taken what was traditionally seen as a flat simple surface and made it into something that has class, details and a pinch of personality.

Myth # 2- Metal Laptop Cases Corrode

If it were not for the aluminum oxide that is formed once aluminum is exposed to oxygen then it would be impossible to debunk this myth. However, the thin film of aluminum oxide prevents it from corroding and thus maintain its natural appearance. Many people confuse iron with aluminum and assume that if they are getting an aluminum laptop case, then in a few months they will have to contend with a brownish powdery substance on it. However, aluminum and iron are not the same and are not used in the same manner either.

Myth #3- Aluminum Cases are too Heavy

Contrary to what many people may think, an aluminum laptop case is light to carry and handle. People assume that the aluminum case will be heavy like steel. Most aluminum laptop cases have been specially designed to ensure that the added weight of the laptop does not cause an unbearable burden in one’s hand.

Myth # 4- Aluminum laptop cases will cause Alzheimer’s disease

It was believed that continued exposure to aluminum can cause one to develop Alzheimer’s disease. It has now been proven that aluminum does not cause Alzheimer’s. Having an aluminum case is not dangerous at all, instead it is a sophisticated item that depicts professionalism, class and taste.

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