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4 Essential Elements That Must Be In Your Weight Loss Plan

June 24, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Health & Fitness

Do you really want to know the secrets to healthy weight loss? In order to have success with healthy weight loss there are some key elements that have to be put into practice. it’s important to have a good plan. If you know where you want to go but you don’t have a vehicle to get you there, then you are more likely to get discouraged and give up. Has this ever happened to you?

If you want to be thin, then it’s time to start acting thin. Here are some simple habits to start implementing into your daily lifestyle and to help the success of any quick weight loss programs:

1. Plan your meal times
It’s important to have a well-balanced and diverse meal plan and to keep it fairly predictable. When you’re indulging in too many tastes and textures, you’re actually encouraged to eat more-hence, the issue so many of us experience at buffets. Establish a healthy pattern for yourself, for example, eggs and fruit in the morning, salad and veggies or protein at lunch, healthy snacks in the afternoon and a well-balanced meal at dinner. It’s not about eating the same fruits, vegetables or protein every day-it’s more about sticking to a consistent pattern. At your next visit to a medical weight loss clinic near you, ask the staff for some good ideas for balanced meal plans.

2. You don’t need a bunch of supplements
If you want to succeed with weight loss, it’s best to forgo the vast majority of supplements, bars and shakes for as long as possible. Supplements should really only be used by people who are completely conscious for their own bodily processes and NOT by people who are looking to shed unwanted fat. Weight loss starts on a foundation of good habits and healthy food choices that satisfy both your body and mind. Nobody looking to lose weight will be satisfied psychologically with an 80g meal -give yourself time and learn the truth about real weight loss solutions!

3. Make sure to get plenty of rest
Aim for eight hours a night. When you’re tired, you tend to snack more, and with less sleep, you have more hours in your day to eat! What’s worse is that lack of sleep can cause your body to release more ghrelin, an appetite-boosting hormone, resulting in you being hungrier!

4. Don’t eat more than your body needs
It doesn’t take that much to feel satiated, so use a healthy, high-energy snack that’s part of one of your easy weight loss programs to fill up when it’s not meal time and you’re feeling a little bit hungry. One of the most important components of a successful program for losing weight is to stop eating when you’re satisfied, as opposed to letting yourself get stuffed. Re-train yourself to eat slowly so that your stomach has time to signal your brain that it’s satisfied and push the plate away when you are.

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