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3 Job Search Suggestions That Will Increase Your Success

July 19, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Careers

Finding a job can be a difficult experience. Below are a few things that you can do to maximize your chances of being successful.

1) Tackle finding a job as if it was a full-time job, due to the fact it is. If you were employed, you’d come to work around the exact same time every day (for instance 8am), take an hour (or so) for lunch, and finish at about the very same time every single day (for example, at 5pm). You would work five days every single week. Plus you’d work very hard to achieve nearly as much as you can because your future career depended on it.

If you are looking for a job, you must follow the same type of routine since your whole future is determined by it.

Treating your job search as if it was a part-time hobby guarantees that it is going to take more time.

So, ensure that you start tomorrow by searching for work and spending the day on projects that lead to a job.

2) Treat finding a job as if it was a challenge. That means you should set goals for yourself, make plans, and keep track of how well you’re progressing. You should apply all of the tools and competence that you employed in your last job to the project of getting your future job.

As you should assume, this is an important task. The sooner you finish it, the sooner you get a promotion into a job.

3) Try to be your own boss. Set goals for what you’ll want to accomplish, supply directions, and monitor your progress.

Have a meeting with yourself once every week in order to evaluate your results. I suggest doing this by writing two reports. The very first can be a candid evaluation of what you achieved during the prior week. The second would be a description of your plans for the coming week. Your plans ought to include your goals, actions, and priorities.

The first time when write these reports, try to create an evaluation of what you’ve done up to now. Describe the outcomes that this effort has produced. And compare these results with what you desired to have.

Then, map out a realistic strategy for the following week based on possible objectives. For instance, you could set goals for the number of people you may call, the number of social meetings you might attend, and also the research you’ll conduct.

Within the upcoming weeks, compare the outcomes that you obtained during the previous week with the objectives that you already set. As an example, assuming that you had planned to attend twelve networking meetings but somehow you attended only two, you should a) explain why this happened and b) plan actions that may correct such a distinction. It is wise that you also analyze why you missed your objective as this offers insights on what you probably should do differently next time. For example, your intention (such as the one of attending twelve networking meetings) might have been set too high too soon. Or perhaps there are things you can do that may make it less complicated to accomplish your job search objectives, including car pooling by having a friend who is also searching for a job.

Looking for a job is a full time job. Therefore work through it with a pre-prepared plan along with the support of a great boss (yourself).

I would like to wish you the best of luck and good results.

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