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3 Facebook Marketing Suggestions that Can Help

July 13, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Web Design

Unless you’re well-versed with methods to gain traffic, driving targeted traffic to your site is only getting more challenging as time goes by. Facebook, on the other hand, is a paid version for generating traffic, and it is powerful and still under-exploited. Yes, it is also a fact that increasing numbers of online businesses are involved with Facebook advertising which is a paid-for ad platform. If you’re interested in Facebook advertising, then you’ll want to keep reading because we have several great tips to share with you.

One basic suggestion that new Facebook advertisers never seem to take is to separate their ads by gener. This is crucial because men and women will generally click on different types of ads. So if you really want to improve your ad is effectiveness, you should ensure that you don’t ignore this step. You will also find out that not only is there a difference in response, but also in the price of the ad too. For example, if you are advertising a weight loss eBook that has 2 versions, one for men and the other for women. In this example, you can basically split them into genders and find out what the targeted results will be. When you apply this one simple feature, you can tap into 2 differing groups effectively, without agonizing too much about the possible response.

When selling on Facebook, do not forget that there are many passionate people on Facebook and as a marketer, it is your duty to promote to them. What you must understand is that passionate people click on ads that say something personal to them. You should focus on acquiring an passionate reaction to your ad from targeted customers. And the best way to achieve this is to target those individuals who have a passion and invoke it through your ad. Once you understand this general concept, it will get easy for you to get targeted responses to your ads, which will give you more for your investment.

Don’t forget to utilize keywords to get the most benefit from your campaign. If you’re just going to stick to demographic targeting, then you’re aiming too broad. It is only efficient when your product is wanted by tons of people or when you cannot use specific keywords because the audience is too broad. But if this is not true, then you should target the keywords because when your ads are relevant, they have a way of getting high click through rates, when will create higher conversions. Search engines such as Google have their own formulas for testing the relevance of ads and providing your website with a quality score. Although Facebook does not have this kind of formula, it does abide by the same concepts. It is common sense that relevant ads will get you stronger results.

Finally, Facebook is changing constantly like other marketing systems. But the best part is that it is still very young which means that it will continue to get better.

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